Documentary Television

Brazos Film & Video is an Emmy© award-winning broadcast and transmedia documentary production company. 

Brazos Film & Video has produced numerous award winning documentary series since 1999. Our documentary and non-fiction work is produced for television, transmedia and in-flight entertainment distribution.

Our production team has been producing documentary content since 1994.

Documentary Shorts

Clip from Firebird Restaurant short 

Clip from Firebird Restaurant short 

BoxedDOCS creates engaging documentary-style branded films that combine the business end of your company with the philosophy of your approach. We’ve had the honor of working with some impressive clients who are changing the way people think about the world we live in and we would love to add you to that list.

BoxedDOCS also partners with PR firms and advertising agencies to offer custom packaged media solutions designed to complement existing client services.

Documentary Workshops

Documentary filming on location

Documentary filming on location

DOCshops workshops are a crash-course in documentary filmmaking. For the novice or the seasoned filmmaker, each workshop is geared to provide insight and knowledge of documentary theory, history and process. 

DOCshops currently offers several workshops ranging in length from several hours to the advanced workshops that extend up to ten days.