About Brazos Film & Video

BFV was founded in 2000 by husband and wife filmmakers Carl and Elisabeth Crum. BFV documentaries have been nominated for twelve Emmy awards and have been awarded four Emmys.

BFV began with a focus on nature - producing documentaries for the National Audubon Society, the National Park Service, the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Center for Big Bend Studies. BFV's documentary Land of Contrasts for Big Bend National Park won National Park Video of the Year.

The scope of BFV's work then expanded to include various long and short form documentaries for museum exhibits across the US including the Smithsonian. BFV has produced dozens of museum documentaries on topics ranging from WWII and Vietnam to dinosaur excavations. In Texas, BFV's museum work has stretched from pictographs and the El Camino Real to the JFK assassination.

In 2008 BFV created the One Square Mile documentary series which focuses on life in America through the lens of individual square miles across the country. The series won numerous film festivals and was a finalist in the inaugural Vimeo Film Festival, which helped springboard the series.

BFV then partnered with PBS and ITVS for the documentary series Women And Girls Lead, which features empowered women and girls across the US and highlights the impact they are making in their communities.

Since 2012, BFV has partnered with the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments to create an ongoing series about foster parenting in the ten counties surrounding Washington DC. BFV has filmed the series over five years. 

In 2014, BFV partnered with the twelve PBS stations in Texas to produce the documentary series One Square Mile: Texas. In addition to creating and producing the series, BFV solicited program sponsors including Southwest Airlines. OSMTX went on to air nationally on over 150 PBS stations and the entire series streamed onboard all Southwest Airlines flights in North America.

In addition to television work, BFV continues to partner with clients to create short form documentaries. BFV was commissioned by GO TEXAN to create a series of documentaries on the wine trails of Texas - and by Texas Parks & Wildlife to create a series recognizing people and programs within TPWD, which aired as part of the TPWD PBS series. 

Recently, BFV has expanded its growing catalog of medical documentaries including the series Black Men In White Coats, which promotes diversity in medicine. BFV works with numerous clients in the medical field including the American Heart Association, UT Southwestern, Duke University, UNC, UC Denver and UCLA.

BFV continues to expand our documentary work to reach an ever growing audience. We've enjoyed every minute of it and we look forward to the next project and adventure.

The Crums also founded the brand www.sortofcool.com, which creates and sells iconic Texas themed artwork to the retail and wholesale markets. 

Carl Crum | Producer - Director

Carl grew up in Austin, Texas and witnessed the rise of the independent film scene first-hand. Carl has an MA in Art and Cinematography. His thesis film East of West which aired on PBS, documented the rural culture of East Texas, including cock-fighters and a self-taught taxidermist. 

All BFV projects are shot and edited by Carl. In addition to his documentary work, he also leads DOCshops documentary filmmaking workshops across the country.

I remember identifying myself as a Texan when I was eight years old. My father decided I was old enough to climb Guadalupe Peak, and as we drove across Texas I recall realizing how large the state was. In the years that followed, I would see Texas through overnight trips and vacations. I remember meeting Watt Matthews during a trip through Lambshead near Albany and watching in wonder as the gristmill turned at the Landmark Inn in Castroville. I remember watching the Texas Relays in Austin and sleeping on a canvas tarp under the stars in the Big Bend. My perspective of Texas has been honed over numerous trips and excursions as a child and adult, spectator and documentarian. 

I can't imagine having any other career. The opportunities that I've had to meet amazing people and explore incredible locations through documentary have been priceless. I enjoyed filming outside in Barrow, Alaska when it was -27° - hanging out of a Coast Guard helicopter in the Gulf of Mexico with a camera in hand - interviewing over 1,250 people in various projects - and being invited into hundreds of homes across America to tell the stories of people from all walks of life. 

Elisabeth Crum | Producer

Elisabeth was born in rural East Texas. Her mother was a photographer who documented the rural south during the 1970s and early 80s.  Elisabeth and her three brothers often tagged along and she recalls being surrounded by all types of people from a very young age. Initially, beginning her college career as a photography major, Elisabeth entered the cinema program - which provided a way for her to explore the world utilizing her skills as a photographer while putting a voice to her work.

Growing up in an East Texas town of 400 people, I often felt I had little or no connection to the world beyond my immediate community.  As an adult, I understand that the lack of connection is detrimental to who we are as people and manifests itself in many different ways. I believe intellectual growth is stimulated by new ideas from many sources. The more sources and perspectives students and people are exposed to, the more empathetic and compassionate they, their communities, Texas and the world will be.

My goal is to create content that elevates the humanity of all people to realize that life is not happening to them, but that they are active participants and we are all in this together. I believe that in order to cultivate meaningful relationships, we have to be able to share our own experiences and perspectives and understand that while not everyone is just like us, that does not mean any perspective is less valid or heartfelt.

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BFV | Support Staff

BFV works with a committed group of support personnel who work on various BFV productions. Many of the crew members have worked with BFV since its' inception. By working with a robust freelance team, BFV is able to quickly scale productions to fit the unique needs of each project.

  • Michael Golembiewski | Gaffer - Camera Assistant

  • Justin Anderson | Grip

  • Emma Gensheimer | Production Assistant

  • Caya Crum | Production Assistant