The clock is ticking as we uncover the authentic character of American cities in 24 consecutive hours.


NONSTOP is a self-contained, hosted travel docu-series with each episode exploring one American city over the course of 24 consecutive hours. Emmy award winning producers, Carl and Betsy Crum travel across the US, with a diverse group of friends and colleagues, to uncover the unsung and unknown culture of America. From cliff diving inside a kitschy Mexican food restaurant in Denver, to getting relationship advice backstage from drag queens in Dallas. 

Steering clear of top ten lists, pre-packaged and filtered versions of travel, NONSTOP finds the people and places that represent the undercurrent of American pop-culture. NONSTOP shows that the real appeal of exploring America is beyond the facade of conventional travel rhetoric and the cliches of obligatory sightseeing. 

Produced in a fast-paced, cinema verite style, NONSTOP builds on a layered approach to exploring cities as destinations by juxtaposing the known with the unknown and the obvious with the obscure.

Season One Episode Overview

101  - NONSTOP: DALLAS - From a Hare Krishna monk and Lucha Libre wrestlers, to a drag show and Korean spa; in this episode we see what Dallas has to offer beyond the caricature of big hats, big hair and JR Ewing.

102 - NONSTOP: DENVER - 24 hours in the Mile High City and we manage to not get stoned, but we do get high while diving off a manmade 30' cliff in a kitschy Mexican food restaurant. While trying to figure out why the "Bandit" thought Coors was worth smuggling to Georgia, we discover that the best beer in Denver might be made in a garage in Englewood. 

103 - NONSTOP: NEW YORK - Arriving at La Guardia to stay up 24 hours in the city that never sleeps, we begin our journey by touring the city with an irreverent sanitation crew doing curbside picks, take a Haitian drumming class, go behind the scenes at an all nude strip club and visit our friends underground at Downtown Music Gallery.

104 - NONSTOP: SAN DIEGO - The sun sets as our 24 hour sojourn takes us from to the border of Mexico and the outskirts of El Cajon to babysitting newborn zoo animals at 3am and an early dinner at a chicken bone collector's house, who gives us a small gift and a word of advice before we depart.

105 - NONSTOP: LAS VEGAS - In a city that promotes staying up all night we go behind the scenes of casino life, have dinner with a Somali family in their apartment, change the bulbs on the the marquee of the Flamingo and walk across Hoover Dam with an ostracized geologist/doomsday thinker.

106 - NONSTOP: MIAMI - Our 24 hours in South Florida begins with the oath to not make any references to Tony Montana, Miami Vice or Golden Girls.  In this 24, we find out what the city looks like from above with a high-rise window washer and have dinner with a 70 year old raw food fanatic who forgot to wash her hands. Our morning finds us on the beach with Raven, who's been running the same stretch along Miami Beach since 1975.

107 - NONSTOP: PHOENIX - In our search to meet Joaquin, we find a drive-thru art gallery, meet a psychedelic cactus expert and sample some Kosher wines before heading to the Salt River Reservation for a rite of passage. On our way to the airport and after a short hike, we end our journey by enjoying Squid Ink Sushi on a hill next to Hunt's Tomb, where we decide to leave a gift.

108 - NONSTOP: CHICAGO - We discover it’s possible to go 24 hours without eating a hotdog in Chicago. We tour Uptown with a bondage expert, take a class at Second City and ride the subway with a busker who plays the harmonica while quoting Joe Pesci. Our 24 hours ends with Delphina an intuitive consultant and psychic medium, who knew we were coming.

109 - NONSTOP: ATLANTA - Over the course of 24 hours we begin our journey at radio station WRFG, visit a South African grocery importer, witness the horror of a Cabbage Patch Kid birth at Babyland General Hospital and share a plate of "doubled eggs” (don't call them "deviled") at a charismatic Pentecostal Church.

110 - NONSTOP: NASHVILLE - While searching for the big Henry Gibson statute, we discover Nashville's known for more than Nashville.  As we’re finishing our trip in a smoky recording studio at 3am, it’s hard for us to imagine that we were eating fresh biscuits on the steps of the Parthenon only 19 hours earlier. 

111 - NONSTOP: WASHINGTON - Our goal for this 24 hours was to avoid anything you could buy a postcard of (it doesn't happen). However, we manage to visit an alternative Washington DC that includes a Franciscan monastery, an eclectic junk shop, a devoted foster family and going the wrong way on the longest escalator in the Western hemisphere.

112 - NONSTOP: LOS ANGELES - We tour Los Angeles without a brochure - which includes a Mexican pharmacy with incense to help battle jealousy, a Bikram Yoga class at Bikram World Headquarters with Bikram Choudery,  helping make sandwiches for the caterer of an adult film shoot and learning more about the world of adult film, as a family.