Medical Documentary Shorts

Brazos Film & Video has produced hundreds of short-form documentaries for clients within the medical community. BFV is well versed in the unique needs and protocol of medical filming within hospitals with patients - including HIPPA requirements and releases.

BFV has worked with many nationally known institutions including UT Southwestern Medical Center and the American Heart Association. 

Snuggle Julian - Adrenoleukodystrophy

Cure Duchenne - Traveling Workshop

American Heart Association / UTSW - 28 Days of Heart Health

Trigger's Toys - Bar Draft Fundraiser

UTSW HIF2 & Kidney Cancer

UTSW - Signs and Symptoms of Stroke

UTSW - Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

UTSW - Faces of Heart Health

UTSW - Contex Concussion Registry 

UTSW - Heart Transplant Story

UTSW - Pelvic Floor Exercises 

UTSW - Stroke Symptoms

UTSW - Peter O'Donnell Jr. Brain Institute Overview

UTSW - Kidney Cancer Patient Advocates

UTSW - Kidney Cancer iSABR

Trigger's Toys - Christmas Sharing

UTSW - Kidney Cancer Program Annual Event 2016

UTSW - Stroke Prevention

UTSW - Spine Program Overview

UTSW - Innovative Radiation Approaches to Kidney Cancer 

Cure Duchenne - Dr. Eric Olsen

UTSW - Stroke Prevention

UTSW - Biobank Repository


UTSW - Stroke prevention for Women

UTSW - Advanced Surgery for Kidney Cancer

UTSW - Kidney Cancer Immunotherapy

UTSW - 2017 Heart Month Closing


UTSW Clinical Trials

UTSW - Transverse Myelitis

UTSW - Aneurysm Verses Stroke

UTSW - Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

UTSW - Kidney Cancer Surveillance

UTSW - Clements University Hospital

UTSW - Be Heart Healthy

UTSW - Pathology Program