Workshop Feedback

“I found all of the information extremely useful and beneficial. I will be recommending this workshop to others.”

Matt R. - Workshop Graduate

“I love seeing the process that goes into making a documentary, and the “reality check” that comes with filmmaking.”

Moises H. - Two Day Workshop Graduate

“The race to the finish line approach - all in a single day made for real fun and intense collaboration. Having Carl as an overseer relieved a lot of the frustration created by the constant little doubts and questions we had.”

Howard S. - Workshop Graduate

“The entire workshop was beneficial to me. I was introduced to the inner workings of documentary production.”

Dayna S. - Workshop Graduate

“A must see for any aspiring filmmaker!”

Martin R. - Workshop Graduate

“Learning about pre and post production for documentary was extremely helpful. I also liked learning about what the modern tools are available for the documentary filmmaker.”

Elizabeth A. - Two Day Workshop Graduate

“I love the way Carl teaches Final Cut Pro and watching his editing process. I also appreciated the information on distribution models.”

Roger A. - Two Day Workshop Graduate

“The workshop was very interesting. I loved seeing the breakdown of documentary filming styles.”

Corbin K. - Two Day Workshop Graduate

“The history section was very informative and entertaining. The structural theory was extremely beneficial, as were the review and distribution sections.”

Matt D. - Workshop Graduate

“This workshop is what you need to know in order to make documentaries”

Wendy D. - Workshop Graduate

“I loved the explanations of the distribution channels and editing techniques. I especially enjoyed the demonstration of the “tools of the trade” that Carl uses and has made himself.”

Peyton P. - Workshop Graduate

“I can’t believe how fast time flew by during the workshop. I made a documentary from start to finish in 7 hours and learned a ton.”

Eric S. - Workshop Graduate

“The workshop is very compelling. Carl’s experiences and storytelling are great motivators. He shows that you can work alone and produce work that looks like a million bucks.”

Shea H. - Two Day Workshop Graduate

“The storyboard style of editing is great. I also loved seeing the camera rigs and marketing aspects of documentary”

Ira S. - Workshop Graduate

“I enjoyed the history background and the exposure to the types and styles of docs that are possible. Creating a short doc and the critique were extremely beneficial to me as a filmmaker.”

Matthew P. - Two Day Workshop Graduate

“I found the workshop to be eye-opening. Anyone considering a venture into this field should have exposure to the ideas and information to capitalize their gains.”

David C. - Two Day Workshop Graduate

“The workshop was amazing. I loved it, and learned so much. 10 out of 10”

Stanley D. - Two Day Workshop Graduate

“Viewing Carl’s approach to the editing process was very helpful. The challenge for shooting and editing in one day really showed me the importance of pre-production.”

Alvarado E. - Workshop Graduate

“Documentary editing was labor intensive, but a very educational experience. The hands on workshop was incredible.”

Paulette P. - Workshop Graduate

“I feel that this approach to workshops is the best way for anyone to learn film production”

Greg K. - Two Day Workshop Graduate

“I will definitely recommend the workshop to others. It ia a mass of knowledge and instruction gained in a short amount of time.”

Martin R. - Two Day Workshop Graduate

“I loved Carl’s approach to shooting and editing. Carl knows how to make documentaries and can teach you how too.”

Herbert M. - Workshop Graduate

“If you want to learn how to make a documentary, take this class!”

Robert L. - Two Day Workshop Graduate

“The hands-on portion of the workshop makes one appreciate the constraints of the documentary filmmaker, and forces one to make quick decisions. The assistance and advice were indispensable.”

Matt W. - Workshop Graduate